MV El Lobo.

mv el Lobo

19 July, 1972 to 17 November, 1972.

MV El Lobo GCFH. Oil tanker. originally owned by Lobitos Oil Company. When I joined the ship 19/07/1972 in the home port of Stanlow as a junior Radio Officer earning £90 per month, she was owned by the Bowring Steamship Company. The voyages were always "Mona Passage" for orders. Eventually we ended up in either Venezuela, Creole Punto Fijo. Punta Cardon or Chilie, Cabo Blanco or Callao. Lovely times.
I learned many things those first three voyages on El Lobo. How many people remember 'Consul' stations: Bushmills, Stavanger, Lugo? I recall crossing the North Atlantic in the early 70's and being asked to get Consul bearings as we had not had a Sun sight for several days. Consul was a wartime position finding system, unusually, used jointly by both allied and axis forces.

The photograph comes from I know not where and I would love to give credit where credit is due.