H line viewer


Hydrogen line viewer with polynomial applied.

The viewer may be downloaded here. Sample data is available here.
There is now a velocity correction box, entering the lsr velocity into the box will applythe correction to these files.
It is a bit fiddly at the moment in that you have to switch views and back after generating the corrected data.
I have made a blank SC Hline spreadsheet template for Excel, available here.
Velocity components may be computed from Ed Murphy's calculator
We should shortly be incorporating this calculation into the Hline viewer programme.
The files are in "Winrar" '.rar' format, you may need to use the free 7zip file extractor.

File naming conventions:
GL0_10 2011-02-28 07 47 19 UTC.1 Raw Spectra Cyber file.
GL0_10 2011-02-28 07 47 19 UTC.raw Raw Spectra Cyber file redy for using with Hline viewer. Just the extension changed.